<span class="test">An Application(App) for creating<span class="visible-sm"><br></span> Home Inventory</span>

Your home and its contents are truly valuable. Their value should never be underestimated. By taking a walk around your house will make you realize the plight you will be in if you are stripped of these belongings. Unfortunately, if such a thing happens, then the cost to replace is going to be large. Also trying to memorize everything content in the house hold is also going to be difficult.

When a catastrophe such as a fire,storm or burglary occurs, then we realize the necessity of an inventory list which in turn shall help us in accounting for all the lost and damaged property.This will also prove to be helpful to your homeowners insurance claims purpose.

While making claim for property loss or damage, the more the evidence and information you provide, the faster and easier your claims shall be processed.

Home Inventory List Creation – Tips

Putting a system in place – Even though you may feel the task is a daunting one initially, dividing the rooms and the content in each shall make your job easier.

Be specific-For each item, include corresponding description. For eg, the make & model of your music system or the quantity of books shall definitely make a difference.

Costly items to be recorded – Items lbelonging to jewellery, artwork or technology, should be recorded in the inventory list and within your insurance coverage. Do not fail to take help of local agents to know more about individual homeowners policy covers.

Save Receipts- Keeping your receipts helps in identifying the date of purchase and cost of items thus making the process easier for yourself and your insurance company.

Photographs- A picture of your room with important items can be used as a vital evidence. The same purpose is served by taking a video of the room too.

Backup List – Be ready with a backup in the eventa of a misplaced or missing inventory. An extra copy of this can be saved in a deposit box or in friend/relatiave’s house.

Update the list – Always update the list when you ar purchasing a new item or removing and old one.