State, federal insurance sites <br> – first-day hiccups

On Saturday 15th November 2014, the open enrollment on federal HealthCare.goc started in a smooth way. Some areas reported a problem of logging in into accounts by consumers and brokers.

It has been reported that more than 23,000 people submitted application in the initial eight hours. As the federal log in issues appeared to be resolved, issues related to state run sites started by Saturday afternoon.

There was a mixed response across the U.S state –run exchanges regarding their success in enrolling people. But the report from brokers of Health Insurance Store, Louisiana in Baton Rouge was different. They were unable to log into their accounts until 1pm Saturday.

CEO for the Washington Health Benefit Exchange ,Richard Onizuka, , said in a statement that the staff of The Exchange and Department of Social & Health Services will work together closely to come to a solution, and are hoping to have the site back up very soon.